• Unable to select a world template

    By Adam Kaliszewski 1 decade ago

    Dear Stefan,

    I have read your user instructions. After adding a new word template all linked fileds have been correctly added. However, starting from personal address book (action/correspondence/letter) I see no word templates at all (empty select list).

    What should I do?

    Best regards,

    Adam Kaliszewski

    • RE: Unable to select a world template

      By Stefan Johannsen 1 decade ago

      Hallo Adam,

      after installation your addressbook was successfully, you sould see an template folder named by the title of your addressbook. Check this folder for the missing template.

      If you could not find it, the template sould be listed in the 'Word Templates' view. This view shows all templates. Put the template into the template folder named by your addressbook.