• Getting Error when testing

    By Rob Brooks 2 years ago

    Hi Hynek.

    First off, Thank you for undertaking this project. For guys like me it could be a life saver :-)

    I have download the app, signed it and set ACL, and create the substitution rule as per the instructions. Now I wanted to test this before even installing certbot. I created the domain in your app and went to test the test URLs, but neither worked (Time out). My web server seemed to be configured properly so I had a look at the DB properties and saw that the app was set to only accept ssl connections. So I unchecked that box and retried the test urls. I was able to determine the substitution rule was working fine, however, both test URLs returned the following error in the browser:

    ERROR: No value for domain found: NOTES.COMPANYDOMAIN.COM

    Have you seen this before? I can see the domain document I created in the app, and its document properties show the correct domain in the domain field of the doc. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated