• It says in the Home of Project

    By Jens-B. Augustiny 7 years ago

    It says in the Home of your Project:

    Ref: http://www.openntf.org/internal/home.nsf/project.xsp?action=openDocument&name=LN-TeamMail

     its difficult to find the TeamMailBox code.

    Its not - I found it in the 'Open' area of OpenNTF instead of the IBM donated sub-site (/internal/home.nsf).

    Its called Domino TeamMailbox, and is submitted by Brian Green 29/7/2010.
    Here's the URL: Project Home for TeamMailbox

    I am currently, extending this latest version 3.26 to incorporate:

    • Calendar, since a team is likely to get Invitations, that one want to Delegate amongst members.
    • A simple Request Management system on top of its basic email capabilities, to ensure Team Requests, are being assigned to members and spent time is recorded, once they are closed.
    • A flexible dynamic feature to define What type of Requests is expected to be handled, and how you want to follow up on them (Vertical and Horizontals, I call this semantic layer).

    Its going to be in english, as the basic TeamMailbox template originally was too.

    Best regards

     Myself, is enxtendi

    • Sounds great

      By Jens-B. Augustiny 7 years ago

      Your project goes in a different direction than the goal behind this project. And in fact, from what I understand, what you are planning, I would base that on TeamRoom, not Mail.