• Loading welcome Page in an endless loop..

    By Imed Hachicha 6 years ago

    Thank you for your contribution.
    after configuring http:///intranet.nsf/home.xsp#content=links the browser tries to reload the page in an endless loop, and then the following message is displayed.
    Our Apologies, It looks like somthing went wrong,

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    In the server console the following message is displayed :

    [0438:000B-0354] 29/01/2014 17:32:33 HTTP JVM: com.ibm.xsp.webapp.FacesServlet$ExtendedServletException: javax.faces.FacesException: com.ibm.xsp.FacesExceptionEx: Impossible de trouver la facette nommée “links” dans le contenu dynamique ayant l'ID dynC.

    Thanks for help.
    You can mail me directly to ih@picosoft.biz

    • By Thomas Adrian 6 years ago

      I have answerd you in email.

      The reason you get the error is because you have set the “default section” to “links”
      Links do not have any main content, it is just a left pane menu item. You need to set the default section to something that has content try “news” or “about”
      you can change the sections and default section using the notes client if you want (in settings “apps”)

      In next release of intrapages I have filtered out the items that is not intended to be set as default section