• IntraPages through Reversed Proxy

    By Jan Bojeryd 6 years ago


    I've tried accessing IntraPages through Apache and Nginx as Reversed Proxys but the design is all fu..ed up. If I go directly to the server through the Firewall it works perfect and if I go through the Proxy on the inside of the Firewall it works as it should but not when I come from the outside of the Firewall through the Proxy Servers.Has anybody had some luck with this setup?

    • By Thomas Adrian 6 years ago

      Jan. If the design is messed up it probably means that the style sheets are not loaded. Style
      Sheets are loaded using URL links. so you need to make sure they all work

      • Open the web page
      • go to page source
      • check the links to the style sheets. To see all links you might need to untick the box in xsp properties that compress all css into one.

      Hope it helps
      You can email or skype chat me for better support


    • By Jan Bojeryd 6 years ago

      The problem is solved. Open the xsp.properties and deactivate “Use runtime optimized JavaScript and CSS resources”