• Intrapages 1.4 & 1.3 Installed but cannot login / create documents

    By Karl Mit 7 years ago

    Hello All,
    I have keenly installed Intrapages 1.4 however after going thru the process correctly ( I think ;)  )  
    I cannot log in or see the interface TO login.   Any pointers in what I have done wrong?  

    See screenshot below:


    I saw another query on the discussion board, advising to go to page/intrapages.nsf/start.xsp
    I did but this but in my environment it just redirects to/intrapages.nsf

    Last night I downloaded 1.3 and had the same fault - so I assume it is user operator error.
    Any help is greatly appreciated as the software looks fantastic,

    Kind Regards

    • check domain config

      By Thomas Adrian 7 years ago

      in 1.4 you should have link to login to the right that points to the/start.xsp

      Please check your config document using the notes client, The domain url you enter must be exactly as the one you enter in the browser. 

      I will make this better in next release.

      Please let me now if you solved it or still have problems.