• How does the newuser work in the startSSJS

    By stephen chan 7 years ago

    Hi, this is a fantastic application and it's clear why it won the competition. I've been dissecting it trying to understand how it works and it's teaching me a lot - and teaching me I know very little too!

    I've tried to copy how the registration mechanism works for one of my own applications. In the code with SSJS debugging on, I can see each line evaluate but when it gets to:

        newuser.setValue(&quot;Password&quot;,epw); <br/>

    I cannot see how the system doesn't faile as 'newuser' is not defined anywhere.

    Can you help explain how this bit works?


    • ccReg

      By Thomas Adrian 7 years ago

      newuser is a document data source in ccReg


      Good Luck

      If you have more questions, send an email to 

      thomas.adrian (a) consili.se

      • ccReg

        By stephen chan 7 years ago

        Thanks very much for that help. It was such a basic error by myself to have missed it being a datasource -

        I'im still learning XPages - a great product.