• German

    By Christian Sadeghi 7 years ago


    what's about another languages?

    kind Regards

    • in progress

      By Thomas Adrian 7 years ago

      Currently everytime I make a change in the system new language files must be sent out, and this is just to much work

      I need to find a better solution for maintinaing lanaguage files.

      it is currently in progress. hopefully I will found a solution where interpreters can enter translations into a webpage


      • There is a much better solution

        By Ulrich Krause 7 years ago

        @Thomas: I have looked into the application. We use it at BCC. We found that using the "Enable Localization" creates a lot of overhead, because for each design element there are additional files ( in package Explorer ) with each new language.

        I have used the resource bundles in my former company. With this solution, you have one .properties file for each language without any overhead.

        And also the centralized storage for the key/value pairs for a language are much better to handle than editing various .properties files ...