• HTTP Port different than 80

    By Paul BRIGDEN 8 years ago

    Hi, It seams the appliciation is not designed to work on another port than the default (80). On my server I am using port 8080 and when there is as redirection done straight after login it looses the information http://server:port/... and tries to redirect only to http://server/... This way this application cannot be used. Regards.

    • correct

      By Thomas Adrian 8 years ago

      intrapages do not support other than port 80 and not https
      thanks for reporting it, I will have a look and see how much work it is to support it.





    • http://x.acme.com:8080

      By Thomas Adrian 8 years ago

      Hello Paul
      Have you tried changing the domain settings in admin to also include the port.

      like this: http://x.acme.com:8080


      please let me know if that works