• Is the Extension Library still required for Domino 9.x?

    By Jeremiah W Benjamin 6 years ago

    I understand that Notes & Domino 9.x include parts of the XPages Extension Library, which is listed as a requirement in the IDVault Password Reset documentation.

    Do I still need to download and install the XPages Extension Library from OpenNTF if our Domino servers are all up to 9.x?



    • Domino 9 contains Extension Library which is sufficient

      By Barbara Hegnauer 6 years ago

      Hi Jeremiah,


      Thanks for your notice. 


      The already included Extension Library in Domino 9 is sufficient. There is no need to install any other Extension Library for this project 'IDVault Password Reset'. 

      By the way, my colleague just updated me, that he has successfully installed it on Domino 9.


      Best regards and have a nice weekend.

      :-) Barbara