• Documentation?

    By Oliver Busse 5 years ago

    Hello! Could you please provide some info on how to use this and implement it in an own application? I just opened it in DDE and I was confused about where to find the generic stuff that - I am sure - was intended to be provided with that project. A simple "how to" would be helpful though it is declared as "alpha" version. Looking forward to it as the idea to have an item-based logging available for legacy Notes applications it a good one. Thank you in advance! :)

    • By Gian-Maria Daffré 5 years ago


      Yes, alpha version that's why I did not add a documentation yet.

      Basic procedure is following:

      OPTION 1

      Use the form I included. You can delete all fields except the hidden “SaveCount” field on top and the History section on the bottom. Then adapt the form to your liking.

      OPTION 2

      Create or use your already existing own forms.

      Copy paste hidden field “SaveCount” and History section in your form.

      In your form then copy paste the code contained in

      • Options
      • Declaration
      • PostOpen
      • QueryModeChange
      • PostSave
      • editHistory
      • createHistoryTable
      • addHistoryTable
      • checkMaxRows
      • getCurrentFieldValues

      In the declaration you need to change the value of following constants:

      Const MAXTABLEROWS% = 200 '256 limit in Lotus Notes minus monitored
      fields, minus a reserve

      Const MYFORM$ = “History” (Replace it by the name of your form)