• Long processing if logging everything to one document

    By Gavin Woods 1 decade ago

    Great product, it is definitely a great logging tool.

    Although, I want to log everything to just one document, regaurdless of the document size. Although, I am running into a problem where if I expand the Max Document Size to a number such as 500,000 bytes it takes significantly longer to process. To improve performance, would it not be a bad idea to save the document every 10 log events? Or every 'x' log events? I tested it and just doing if log_event_number mod 10 then save, the performance is greatly increased. Although it ended breaking something else, so we reverted back.

    Just a suggestion.

    • Sounds reasonable

      By Corey Davis 1 decade ago

      Gavin – thanks for the kind words and I'm happy to hear that it is useful for you.

      I have not tried increasing the max doc size to such a large number (I prefer short logs) but will do so so that I can see what is happening to performance. As for your request, you are not the first person to mention an addition to allow a "cache" of logging to build up prior to writing it to the document, so I guess I should do it. If you still have your code, regardless to what it broke, please send it to me so that I can get a good handle on how you attacked the problem.