• Add a button to send email

    By Steve Smillie 7 years ago

    For users with upload access, on the manage collection page and/or collection page, add a button to enter an email address(es) and it will send that person an email with a URL to the application and the customer key.

    This would make it easier to send the intended recipient notification of a available downloads.

    • By Oliver Busse 7 years ago

      I had a similar thing in an older version: it displayed a dialog with the whole URL to the collection to paste that into an email the user manually starts. Sending an automated email by just clicking a button requires the server to be able to send mails. In my case my server cannot send mails, so I never felt a need for that. I am thinking about adding the URL-Copy-Paste feature again to gain a solution at least half the way ;-)

      • By Steve Smillie 7 years ago

        What about a Mailto link. Witht the the needed stuff already in the body.
        Then the email is done on the users computer.

        • By Oliver Busse 7 years ago

          Will test it if that works in XPiNC