• Latest Release Notes/Installation Instructions

    By Iain Chapman 5 years ago


    Can someone please point me in the direction of the Release Notes/Installation Instructions please?.

    I can locate the downloads of the project, but not the documentation. The documentation tab doesn't actually seem to include the documentation anymore (or at least I'm not seeing it).

    Thank you


    • By Oliver Busse 5 years ago

      Hi Iain,
      you are right, a documentation is missing. It was in the summary tab but I didn't manage it over the time.
      The installation is really simple:

      1. make sure you have all the necessary plugins installed (OpenNTF Extlib, OpenNTF API, Bootstrap4XPages)
      2. copy the template to your local data or server data and sign it with an appropriate ID
      3. create a new database from the template
      4. setup ACL for your user(s) incl. the Admin role provided

      After logging into the database in your browser you can setup a profile (your ID needs to have the admin role assigned)

      That's all.

      • By Iain Chapman 5 years ago

        Thank you.