• Upload a file ?

    By Nicolas Biolley 6 years ago

    Thanks Oliver for your job…

    I just intall the last version (1.0.8)
    I follow your youtube, and every thing is great, except : the button “Upload file” from the “upload a file” form dosn't work.
    I test it, with IE, Chrome, Notes,… When i click on the button, it happens only a reload !

    Someone has an idea ?

    • By Oliver Busse 6 years ago

      Ni Nicolas,

      I just tested the last version - everything works fine.
      What may be the cause: please check the maximum file size allowed to upload to your Domino server. Please try again with smaller files, maybe a blank text file.
      I faced problems when max upload size is set to a too small value (100kb is default by the way) and there is no feedback from the server (you only get a 101 error that some browsers do not interpret correctly).
      Anyway: thanks for your feedback!

    • By Oliver Busse 6 years ago

      By the way: I assume you successfully uploaded an image called “Mes documents_2013-10-15_16-58-42.png” twice on my online FileSilo ;-)