• Possibility to store the Mails into File Directory with a eml File extension

    By Reinhard Steurer 1 decade ago
    • Can't wait for this feature

      By Bjarne K Poulsen 1 decade ago

      This would be a very importent feature like the feature i Outlook, wher you can save af single mail entry to file.

    • By Xiao Lei 1 decade ago

      we are considering this feature now. Thanks for your nice suggestion.

      • By Bjarne K Poulsen 1 decade ago

        Could you say anything about when we can expect the new release including this feature.

        • Hopefully next week

          By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago


          I'm currently finishing the last nuances and need to end the documentation + tests.

          – RenĂ©

          • By Bjarne K Poulsen 1 decade ago

            Hi!. It will clearly help me in the fight against Outlook.

            Hope you will be ready soon.