• Option to set a start-folder/drive

    By wolfgang haderlein 1 decade ago
    • By Xiao Lei 1 decade ago

      Thanks for your suggestion. The new version, 1.0.2, has this feature now. You could select favorite folders. If you are interested, you could have a try~~

      • Favorite vs. Start or Default Folder

        By Toralf Gerstaecker 1 decade ago

        Thanks for adding the favorite folder function, it already helps.

        However, I would rather see a true start/default folder since I almost newer leave my home folder (working on Linux) and I don't need the stuff in root and other folders such as/opt and/var.



        • Will be there...

          By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

          … in the next version. That's something I need, too. ;-)

          – RenĂ©