• Is it possible to configure eml-viewer as default eml-viewer/program in notes?

    By wolfgang haderlein 1 decade ago

    I like the eml-viewer. Is it possible to configure that if an eml-attachement in an e-mail is opend (via open or view) to invoke the file-navigator eml-viewer?

    • Check it for a future release

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

      Hi Wolfgang!

      Thanks for your proposal. I'll check it for a future release.

      – RenĂ©

    • Vote document for "Default handler for EML documents"

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

      This feature should provide the ability to open an EML file from the file system (not from within the File Navigator) and then opening in Lotus Notes.

      NOTE: This feature would require operating system modifications for telling the OS which program to use.

      Your priority:


      Expected realisation:

      Providing an interface for the operating system - no user interface.

      Please leave your opinion as a response to this document. More suggestions are welcome.

      • vote YES <eom />

        By Michael Gollmick 1 decade ago