• Possibility for different names for favorites (alias-name)

    By wolfgang haderlein 8 years ago

    I like that feature. I create favorites for my four notes-installation data-directories. Problem: Alle have the directory-name "data" and so under favorites (which is the one for notes 7.02?).

    • Will check it for a future release

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 8 years ago

      Hi Wolfgang!

      Thanks for your proposal. I'll check it for a future release.

      – RenĂ©

    • Vote document for "Alias names for favorite folders"

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 8 years ago

      In some cases you enable favorite folders with the same name (like "data"). For a better differentation there should be a way to set alias names or so.

      Your priority:


      Expected realisation:

      ( ) a tool-tip to show the full path of the favorite folder

      ( ) an individual alias for each favorite folder could be set (but won't be a must)

      Please leave your opinion as a response to this document. More suggestions are welcome.