• Zip

    By Paul S Withers 1 decade ago

    It would be useful to have a menu option to zip a file. Often I create a template to send to a customer, but zip the file to ensure smallest size on the email.

    • Will check it for a future release

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

      Hi Paul,

      thanks for your suggestion. I'll put it on the list to check it for a future release. My "problem" is, that it just could be a very simple implementation without any encryption features.

      Maybe you should consider to use a 3rd party tool (i. e. panagenda MarvelClient) which deliveres and seamless integration.

      – RenĂ©

    • Vote document for "Zip"

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

      This feature should give the ability to zip and unzip zip files.

      NOTE: Due to the current implementation of zip mechanisms in the java api it would only be a basic support. Encryption won't be supported.

      Your priority:


      Expected realisation:

      ( ) enable/disable context menu via preference

      ( ) zip selected files/folders on the file system via context menu<br/>
      ( ) unzip selected zip-files on the file system via context menu<br/>

      ( ) enable/disable automatic unzip via preference

      will unzip a dropped zip file automatically or after user confirmation<br/>

      ( ) enable/disable automatic zip via preference

      will zip files automatically or after user configuration before attaching to a mail<br/>
      when count of selected files is bigger then x files and/or summarized file size is bigger<br/>
      than y KB.<br/>
      * x and y will be configurable through a preference<br/>

      Please leave your opinion as a response to this document. More suggestions are welcome.