• Display Web Folder

    By Mirko Zellner 1 decade ago

    Hello all,

    do you think it's possible to also display web folders that are connected to intra- or internet ?

    If this would be possible the File Navigator would cover a kind of connector functionality.

    I am thinking of beeing connected to any a web folder where content could be generated via drag and drop ( like it is done e.g. in some LN to Whatever connetors ;-) )

    I think the only problem is to map a kind of local drive to this webfolders here.

    Thx for the effort

    Best regards


    • Possible, but...

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

      Hi Mirko,

      it's technical possible. I'll check it.

      Although there is one problem: a plug-in delay when the tree gets refreshed if the web folder isn't available (I'm running into this problem while implementing UNC folders).

      – RenĂ©

      • By Mirko Zellner 1 decade ago

        Hi Rene,

        thx a lot for the quick feedback and answer. On my local PC a web folder is already mapped and available but i'm not able to add a this web folder as new folder within the File Navigator Option Dialog.

        Is there any workaround possible in maybe just giving the web folder a local drive mapping or something else ?

    • Vote document for "Web folders"

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

      This feature should give the ability to connect to web folders (like ftp or webdav), similar to the current network share feature (including preference settings).

      Your priority:


      Expected realisation:

      Same implementation than network shares, now for web folders.

      Please leave your opinion as a response to this document. More suggestions are welcome.

      • Voting

        By Mirko Zellner 1 decade ago

        Hello Rene,

        i would set the priority to medium.

        Having the Web Folder Mapping funtionality would cover becoming the LN Client a kind of connector client for systems like SAP or MS Sharpoint Portal ….



      • Vote

        By Tom Bosmans 1 decade ago

        actually to be able to link to Alfresco, which has a WebDav interface.