• Release date 1.0.5

    By Bas Hendrikx 10 years ago

    Hi Rene,

    Could you please provide us with a date when you plan to release an new version.

    If the project is cancelled, please let us know..


    Bas Hendrikx

    • Release date

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 10 years ago

      Hi Bas,


      the new release will be published shortly after Lotusphere. Bruce Elgort will show the new version tomorrow at the OpenNTF session. 


      -- René

      • New Release Available?

        By Jay M Johnson 10 years ago

        Is the 1.0.5 release ready yet? It appeared that it would have been ready this January. Before I start to troubleshoot some issues I would like to know if a new release will be available soon.

        • 1.0.5 Version release date

          By Bas Hendrikx 10 years ago

          Any news about the release date of 1.0.5.?

          We are experiencing problems with the 1.0.4.

          New item when a email is stored in a folder and someone tries to open the mail from within FN the email shows up blank (LN 8.5.2 SP1).

          When we open de .eml from windows explorer the mail shows up correct in LN

          • Release date

            By Rene Winkelmeyer 10 years ago

            Hi Bas,


            well the release date will be (hopefully) monday! I'm just waiting for the last language translation.


            To your problem:

            When you use 8.5.2 I strongly recommend to use the EML viewer delivered with the client itself. That makes life much more easier.

            The reason: depending on the structure of the original mail there may be problems displaying them in the File Navigator EML viewer. If you like you can drop me an eMail with such an "wrong displayed" mail at filenavigator@winkelmeyer.com. I'll take a look at it then.


            Best regards,