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    By David Navarre 5 years ago

    I've been working on a modification for internal use of File Explorer. Management would like for email messages dragged onto the file system to get the sender and date pre-pended to the subject as the filename. I've written a function that, when presented an EML file, will search the file to find the sender number and date, then return those values as the new filename.

    Unfortunately, I've never developed a plugin and am having difficulty figuring out what I need to set up within Eclipse.

    Does everything go into one project? How do I stack things in the packages? How do I get the code to find the org.eclipse.swt classes? How do arrange things in the src folder?

    • By Manfred Lenz 5 years ago

      Hi David,

      to setup Eclipse and import projects is not realy easy and needs more than one sentence :-)
      If you do a search for “notes eclipse plugin” you will find a lot of information like:

      But, it should be simple to add this functionality. If you can provide the code for the filename I can include this into the plugin. please be care of licenses, The project ist using the Apache license and all extensions must be also use this license.

      • By Harinam Singh 2 years ago

        Hi David,

        I want to configure "my widgets" for File Explorer in lotus notes in version 9.0.1

        I am not able to configrue it based on the atatched document. Could you please share the updated document for domino 9.x.x compatible.

        My email ID : Harinam1986@gmail.com

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