• Allow for live text selection for the TO address

    By bruce lill 1 decade ago

    A lot of users love the google maps with live text but have ask for the ability to get directions. Most have a base address for the from, so only the to would need to be select via live text.

    If you allow users to configure a new action it would be nice.

    • Re: add LiveText recognition for To: Field

      By wei li 1 decade ago

      Thank you for your good suggestion.

      Indeed, I have figured out a widget which makes use of the LiveText function point.

      In the widget, I have to use internal LiveText APIs(an private extension point) to achieve the effect.

      Without the API, you can't access LiveText from your Java code.

      I don't know whether the API will be published or not in the future. I hope that they will publish it soon.

      If you have any question, please contact dragon directly.

      thank you