• Finding dead links / Syntax Documentation

    By Benny Mueller 10 years ago


    since a few weeks we run a domino wiki at our company. After playing around some time, two questions came up:

    1. Is there any possibility to find every link which points to a non-existing topic? I would like to create some kind of todo-list which shows als those empty links.

    2. I can't find detailed documentation about the wiki markup which is used in domino wiki. Were can I get more information?

      Your help is much appreciated!


    • Finding dead links

      By Dave Parillo 10 years ago

      This is a good suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't know how you would do this without modifying dominoWiki.

    • markup documentation

      By Dave Parillo 10 years ago

      There isn't much formal documentation - wiki's aren't really about formal. In our company most people felt more comfortable with more documentation in the wiki than the QuickStart page that Ben provides.

      We made a TextFormattingRules page, which is exactly the same as the "style tips" that appear when you are editing a page:

      These rules are used to convert WikiMarkup into HyperTextMarkupLanguage.

      ==heading== creates a heading

      ===heading=== creates a sub-heading

      —- creates a horizontal rule

      ~italic~ makes text italic

      bold# makes text bold

      Starting a line with a blank space makes it monospaced

      Starting a line with a '*' creates a simple bullet list. Surround with list tags to indent.

      Starting a line with ':' indents the entire paragraph. More ':'s increase the indent level.

      You can create a table by preceding each cell value with a pipe: |

      New rows are started by typing on a new line

      Column headers are defined by using a double pipe: ||

      [[your wiki page name]] is used for a wiki page link

      A CamelCase word automatically also becomes a wiki page link

      [http://example.com linkname] is used for external URL links

      [file:filename linkname] is used to link to a file attached to this page

      [notes://ServerName/filepath] creates a link that uses a Lotus Notes client.

      [wiki:WikiWord alternate text] is used to link to a wiki page with alternate text

      [image:filename] is used to display a graphic file attached to this page

      [image:filename left] aligns an image left, [image:filename right] aligns it right

      To prevent wiki formatting, put text inside a < nowiki > block

      Allowed HTML is: < code >,< pre >,< blockquote >,< center >,< s >,< sup >,< cite >,< q >,< b >,< i >,< del >,< em >,< ul >,< ol >,< li >

      Other things we ended up doing to ease introduction:

      1. A FrequentlyAskedQuestions page
      2. A StyleGuide page
      3. An ExampleMarkup Page

        4. Adding links to articles in other wiki's such as http://www.benpoole.com/wiki and http://c2.com/cgi/wiki