• Customizable Header

    By Keith Strickland 1 decade ago

    A Customizable header for the top of each page would be great. That way you could add your site navigation items or wrap the look blogsphere around the wiki.

    • header

      By Olivier A MOREAU 1 decade ago

      The simplest way to do that in this release:

      Open the document : Configuration/ Site Files/ wiki-header

      Detach the file "dominowiki header.png"

      Modify it with a program like Photoshop

      Save it under same name, size and format (png)

      Re-attach the file

      Close the doc

      You can modify other images like the "divider" and the "classic-wiki-header"

      • This is a logged feature request

        By Benedict R Poole 1 decade ago

        Customisable HTML headers have come up a few times. Shouldn't be a big deal, and I have it on the to-do list for a future version of DW. Whether it happens with the next release (1.1) I don't know. But it will happen!