• rich text editing capablity

    By Cynthia D Resendiz 1 decade ago


    Domino Wiki is very good project actually i´m going to implement it , but the main objection my users complain was about rich text editing.

    Maybe just a set of buttons which add automatically WikiStyles. Would be great!!!

    Thank you in advance.

    Regards to all


    • Has anyone seen this implemented very well?

      By Dave Parillo 1 decade ago

      I've tried a few different wiki designs (snipsnap, Xwiki, Wikimedia, Dominowiki) we finally settled on Dominowiki at work - primarily because it doesn't have WYSIWYG editing. Most WYSIWYG editors are simply sources of bugs and frustration. If they work, they take forever to load. I have yet to see one where the wiki markup and the rich text live in perfect harmony.

      I would advocate the wikimedia approach where a icon bar ioserts the appropriate wiki markup at the currect cursor location.