• Draft Status for Wiki Entries

    By Ingo Spichal 1 decade ago


    we use the DominoWiki for publishing documentation, drivers, etc. in our WebSphere Portal for our users.

    The problem is, that there is no way to hide certain documents from the normal user while they are build.

    My idea is, to set a draft status in a document, so it is marked as hidden for the normal user. This should also make sense for a pure Wiki, as you can see in projects like Wikipedia, where new entries are checked by a team of experts.

    • Have you considered....?

      By Dave Parillo 1 decade ago

      Placing draft documents in a special category (Drafts?) that would indicate their special status until they were finished/ approved/ whatever. This would also allow everyone (including your customers) to contribute to the content of new documents, which is what a wiki is really about.