• Encapsulate UI elements in <div>'s to allow more flexible CSS styling

    By Dave Parillo 1 decade ago

    One of the current limitations of v 1.1 is that not all wiki elements can be styled individually. It would be nice to have some more stylesheets offering choices to the user community. Elements that should live in their own divs:

    • search
    • separate nav menu items - root pages, index, recent changes, files
    • edit
    • footer items separate from footer cats
    • login details
    • create a new page link
    • wiki version

      many of these items currently are styled with

      tags - a consistent structure would ease making new stylesheets.

      on the same subject, closing the

    • tag would make it way easier to style lists.
    • Agreed, good points

      By Benedict R Poole 1 decade ago

      Some of this will be happening in 1.2 (e.g. styling individual links), and then 1.3 is going to be the release I want to use for a focus on stylesheets and flexing the UI/ layout more. Thanks for your suggestions!

      To address your other question, DominoWiki does have a roadmap of sorts, and I will endeavour to make that public once I'm done with 1.2