• More Wiki Formatting options

    By Andrew Hargreave 1 decade ago

    (Sorry, I posted this in discussion area first…my bad!)

    It would be great if there were more formatting options for the wiki's. Things that I've used in other Wiki's (ex http://www.tiddlywiki.com) are nested lists, underline, strikethrough, etc. Nested lists are like this:

    Bullet Points

    Just add an asterisk

    at the beginning of a line.

    • If you want to create sub-bullets
    • start the line with two asterisks

      o And if you want yet another level

      o use three asterisks

      Numbered Bullet Points
    • Use a single '#' at the start of each line
    • and the tiddler will automatically
    • start numbering your list.
    • If you want a sub-list
    • within any bullets
    • add two '#'s at the start of the lines.
    • When you go back to a single '#'
    • the main numbered list will start up
    • where it left off.

      Also, allowing nesting of formatting options. I'd like a header that's bold or italic.

      Here are some examples from TiddlyWiki:


      Other formatting codes that would be helpful:

      Bold -> ''Bold''

      Strikethrough-> ==Strikethrough==

      Underline-> Underline (that's two underline characters)


      Superscript: 23=8-> 2^^3^^=8

      Subscript: aij = -aji-> aij = -aji

      highlight-> @@highlight@@

      I'd also like to be able to code in an email link inside a wiki entry to make for quick emailing.

      I haven't dove into the code yet, just some issues I had trying to move from simple wiki's over to DominoWiki so that we can use the inherent security offered by Domino which no other wiki seems to have.
    • Additional wiki formatting

      By John W Applegate 1 decade ago

      If anything, I'd like to see tables thru vertical-bars.

      • By Benedict R Poole 1 decade ago

        yep. nice request.

        • Easing the path of non-techo users

          By Grant Gough 1 decade ago

          I would like to see the wikipedia formatting options used. Most of the users in the environment I am deploying into are familiar with Wikipedia now due to general media, and can go and see a very complex wiki up and running. It would be much easier to encourage the use of this wiki if the formatting codes were the same, or similar.

      • colour and emoticons

        By Mark Bryson 1 decade ago

        I've been asked by a lecturer (I work at a University) to add colour to the formatting options. If I can work out how to do it I'll probably add emoticons too. Any hints or suggestions would be very welcome!

        UPDATE 6th Dec.

        Emoticons seem to be working ok. I added some gif images from http://www.smileyarena.com/ to the resources section, added this function to the WikiPage class

        ' Mark Bryson Dec 06. Char strings replaced by codes for images in db resources<br/>
        ' e.g. :oops: becomes &lt;img src=&quot;/ContEd/HilsWiki.nsf/oops.gif&quot; title=&quot;oops&quot; alt=&quot;oops&quot;&gt;<br/>
        ' to alter or add, adjust the split names below and resource area images accordingly<br/>
        Public Function parseEmoticons (txt As String) As String<br/>
            Dim t As String<br/>
            Dim emoticons As Variant<br/>
            emoticons = Split(&quot;angry ask doh eek hush laugh laff mad nono oops sick&quot;, &quot; &quot;)<br/>
            t$ = txt$<br/>
            Forall e In emoticons<br/>
                If Instr ( 1, txt$, &quot;:&quot; &amp; e &amp; &quot;:&quot;, 5 ) &gt; 0 Then<br/>
                    t$ = Replace(t$, &quot;:&quot; &amp; e &amp; &quot;:&quot;, {&lt;img src=&quot;/} &amp; dbPath$ &amp; {/} &amp; e &amp; {.gif&quot; title=&quot;} &amp;e &amp; {&quot; alt=&quot;} &amp; e &amp; {&quot;&gt;} )<br/>
                End If<br/>
            End Forall<br/>
            parseEmoticons = t$<br/>
        End Function    <br/>

        and called it from the wikiFormat function just after the call to table support

                '// ADDED 05-Feb-2006 Ralf Lutter: table support<br/>
                s1 = parseTables(s1)<br/>
                ' added Dec 06 - emoticons support<br/>
                s1 = parseEmoticons(s1)<br/>

        Once we've settled on an appropriate set of images, I'll probably make them all the same size and add height and width to the code insert. This hasn't been tested with large pages - or tested much at all really, if you use it please bear that in mind.

        • colour and emoticons

          By Mark Bryson 1 decade ago

          Done some modifications that allow someone with dbadmin role to setup tags for text colours, background colours and 'emoticons' in DominoWiki over the web. Not done a great deal of testing with it yet but it seems to work.

          Users can start and stop coloured text with user-definable tags like :t1: and :/t1: or :red: :/red: and add emoticons with re-definable tags like :-) - these get replaced by images uploaded by dbadmin.

    • Potential conflicts?

      By Dave Parillo 1 decade ago

      Although consistency with more established wiki markup's (like wikimedia) is a plus, I'm reluctant to endorse breaking lots of wiki pages to add 1 new capability. The existing markup is pretty easy. And frankly, I'd rather type #~Bold Italic~# than '''''bold italic''''' - I have no idea what they were thinking at Wikimedia.

      Markup I found most useful to add:

      : for indenting lines

      :: 2 indents, etc.

          to the safeHTML list is an easy way to get reliable list indenting without lots of extra markup in the way.