• Adding HTML link element for the RSS feed to the $$HTMLHead

    By Andrew Tetlaw 1 decade ago

    This will help user agents that automatically detect RSS feeds in web pages.

    I've added it to the end of the $$HTMLHead field at the end:

    REM {Hard-code the layout stylesheet name & global Javascript file};

    REM {But we could have several styles, so let's make it easy to define};

    REM {a look & feel for the whole site in the config doc. If you change this};

    REM {be sure to change the HTMLHead in the login PAGE too…};

    db := "/" + @WebDbName;

    REM {This JS variable is referenced by Wiki form onLoad()};

    mode := @If(@IsDocBeingEdited; "true"; "false");

    jsMode := "";

    js := "";

    styles := "" + @NewLine + "";

    rss := "";

    styles + @NewLine + rss + @NewLine + js + @NewLine + jsMode + @NewLine

    • Good idea

      By Benedict R Poole 1 decade ago

      Duly noted and incoporated in the 1.1 build - thanks Andrew!