• Still Live?

    By Ben Rose 7 years ago


    In July you demanded a return of ownership of this project to yourself and insisted that the project was "still active".

    We're now four months on and nothing has been delivered. The code I spent hours working on was removed from the site and you have delivered nothing to the users by way of a replacement. I frequently receive emails and website hits from people seeking information regarding an updated version of this Team Mailbox - I tell them that you are the owner and that you are working on it. But I see nothing from you.

    I revived this dormant project and put a new lease of life into it, adding functionality and resolving issues that had been logged months prior. You killed all that and crawled back under your shell.

    What's the score?

    • Re: Discussion

      By Brian Green 7 years ago

      I will not participate in your OpenNTF bruhaha.  bye

      • Not active then?

        By Ben Rose 7 years ago

        So, for the other users of this template, can we at least get an answer either way?

        • From the IP Manager

          By Peter Tanner 7 years ago

          Ben - you are welcome to post the code that you "spent hours working on", and to which you gave a "new lease on life", as a separate Project (with proper attribution).  The GPL gives anyone the right to take an existing Gnu project and use it in new project.  We would be happy to host it.  So, Brian hasn't "killed" anything. 

          Brian - you are under no obligation to do anything with your project.  Neither the GPL nor OpenNTF's IP Policy require contributors to update their projects.

          If either of you does make a new posting, I would be happy to review it for IP issues, so that it can be placed into the Catalog.

          Peter Tanner

          OpenNTF IP Manager

          • Response to Peter

            By Ben Rose 7 years ago


            You know I will no longer publish code on this site after what happened.

            You took a project, for which I was now owner, and handed it to somebody else. There was no firm

            reason to do that and, as owner of the project, I was the only person who could authorise a change of


            If any code I uploaded happened to have IP infringements, which incidentally it didn't, all that you could

            do was remove that code - not assign the project to somebody else.

            Ultimately, I spent hours on this project to try and help the community of users who utilise it. All I got

            was a slap in the face.

        • Ben

          By Brian Green 7 years ago

          Ben, I would really like to hear your reply to this question. Why did you think deleting an existing GNU copyright statement was okay?  My company invested many hours producing and testing the template, then wrapped it in the GNU copyright, and published it in good faith here for this community.  Your organization uses the template.  I'm glad you could benefit from open source software, made possible by the GNU and this community.

          • Response to Brian

            By Ben Rose 7 years ago


            I never made a single release that didn't contain attribution to yourself.

            There were 4, maybe 5, copies of the exact same copyright notice within the .ntf - such as embedded

            in some of the script libraries, on the license tab of the profile form and on the documentation

            contained within the "about" page for the application.

            All I did was consolidate all of those into one single reference - as far as I'm aware, it's all that is

            required under the IP regulations. Full attribution was there for both yourself, Alan Lepofsky (whose

            code you used) and, in later templates, Declan Lynch - who supplied me with some very helpful code.

            I'm not required to keep every reference that was included in the original code. I just felt it wasn't

            workable to have to check 4 or 5 different copyright notices each time I updated the code so I

            consolidated them to just one. Your name was there, always was - I NEVER published a single

            template on here without a reference to yourself.

            I trust that answers your question, so now can you answer mine?

            Are you still working on this project? Or did you demand return of ownership just to let it rot? I've still

            got people asking me for updates on this project, but I have to tell them you are the owner.