• New Database problem

    By Alfonsas Rusilas 8 years ago


    I have problems with databases roles. How I made:

    1. Downloaded and made copy of template
    2. In Lotus Notes: File>DataBase->New… As template chosen "ALCTeamHelpDesk NTF v1.2";
    3. I set all rolles on my user (they saved and seems correct), but can do nothing - and first I cant access "Database->Configuration". The same with others users (editors, managers and etc.)?

      How correct to install that db?
    • Re: New Database problem

      By Brian Green 8 years ago

      1) open the original template

      2) look at the access control list in the original template

      3) see the Roles?

      4) add these Roles to your new database

      • By Alfonsas Rusilas 8 years ago

        Hello, thanks for help, but still have problems.What I did:

        1) Opening original template, there I see ACL list:




        LocalDomainAdmins [GlobalReader]

        LocalDomainServers [GlobalReader]




        [LocalDomainAdmins] [DatabaseConfig] [GlobalReader]

        [LocalDomainServers] [GlobalReader]


        2) So I add myself (Alfonsas Rusilas) in the list, and set all roles:


        Alfonsas Rusilas/agrochema/achemosgrupe [DatabaseConfig] [HelpDesk, ..etc.]

        3) File -> Database -> New Copy…


        Server: local

        Title: ALCTeamHelpDesk NTF v1.2

        File Name: teamhd.ntf

        Specify What to Copy: Database design and documents., Acces Control List

        On the new copy my roles are the same (all are checked)

        4) File -> Database -> New..


        Server: Local

        Title: IT Help

        Template: ALCTeamHelpDesk NTF v1.2

        Inherit future design changes: Checked

        5) Now on Workspace I have new bookmark, named „IT Help on Local“, so I‘m looking at the roles, there is somthing wrong:

        -Default- {no roles}

        Alfonsas Rusilas/agrochema/achemosgrupe {no roles}

        Anonymuos {no roles}

        LocalDomainAdmins [GlobalReader] [DatabaseConfig]

        LocalDomainServers [GlobalReader]

        OtherDomainServers {no roles}

        So I'm cheked all rolles again (on my), but no point, I cant access "Database Configuration" :(

        • By Brian Green 8 years ago

          welll… that's because roles don't work on local copies…

          put your new database on a Domino server


          edit the access control list on that local copy, and enable the option to "enforce a consistent ACL across all replicas… but even then, this database was meant to be used on a Domino server