• Great ... merge?

    By Markus Wottrich 9 years ago


    first of all congrats on this great application!!! I really love the simplicity of it.

    A dream come true would be if your could merger your Team Mailbox with the Team Helpdesk … receiving new mails in the MB … if they qualify as a HD ticket move them with one click from the MB to the HD … etc etc :-).

    Keep up the great work!

    • Re: Great ... merge?

      By Brian Green 9 years ago

      Thanks much! Interesting idea. Perhaps what's needed is a 3rd application. It would be a dashboard to pair 1 help desk database with 1 or more team mailboxes. It would let you easily copy a email message from the mailbox, to the help desk. More brainstorming is welcome!

      I don't have much free time at the moment. I plan to look at the various project requests in December when I have more time, and get things out before Lotusphere '09. :)


      • By Markus Wottrich 9 years ago


        that dashboard would of course give even more flexibility … grabbing tickets from several MBs could make perfect sense!

        Thanks for thinking about this :-)


        • updates?

          By Thomas Førde 8 years ago

          Isnt Lotushere 09 over now?

          is this work still ongoing, or has this application died aswell?

      • Merge

        By Jean-Francois Beghin 8 years ago

        Hi Brian,

        The application is very nice. The merge with a team mailin database (for example the helpline at my work) is a great idea. I think also to translate the template in french. Do you think that's a good idea ?