• crash

    By sean cull 4 years ago


    I dropped the bin files into the domino binary folder. When I ran nbackup.exe from the windows console ( with administrator access ) domino crashed.

    The Domino install is 32 bit ( although strangely is in the X86 folder ). I used the 32 bit binaries - was that correct or should i use the 64 bit binaries as it is a 64 bit OS ?

    Thanks Sean

    • By Ulrich Krause 4 years ago

      it depends on the used Domino bit version. so 32bit is ok on a 32 bit Domino, even it is installed on 64 bit OS.
      Could you send me the NSD files? Also make sure, you have the .sym (Domino 8.x.x) or .pdb on Domino 9 installed.
      This is needed to annotate the NSD correctly. Makes it easier to identify the root cause.

      • By sean cull 4 years ago

        Hello Ulrich, I have sent you links to the nsd and the configuration DB.

        FATAL THREAD 1/3 [ nbackup: 0720: 120c]

        FP=0x003aa718, PC=0x01371f70, SP=0x003aa714

        stkbase=003b0000, total stksize=40960, used stksize=22764

        EAX=0xd0001d31, EBX=0x7efde000, ECX=0xffffffff, EDX=0x001deb68

        ESI=0x006547cc, EDI=0x00000001, CS=0x00000023, SS=0x0000002b

        DS=0x0000002b, ES=0x0000002b, FS=0x00000053, GS=0x0000002b Flags=0x00010286

        Exception code: c0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION)