• Agent to change Form Type from Memo to Main Topic - for mail in.

    By Robby J Brown 1 decade ago

    One way we use Discussion databases is to cc: memos to them on topics of common interest. This way we build up a knowledge base on core topics. At the moment I have added a new mail agent that changes the form type from memo to main topic so users do not get an error message - this would be nice to be supported within the template. It would also be nice if you could correctly reproduce threaded mail discussions as threaded discussions within the discussion DB - this doesn't happen by simply switching the form type.

    • like this

      By Niklas Heidloff 1 decade ago

      Robby, I like this a lot. Would you be willing to contribute this to this project?

      • By Robby J Brown 1 decade ago

        The idea definitely. . . but my coding abilities - not so much!

        All I have is a 'Before new mail arrives' agent:

        FIELD Form:="Main Topic";

        FIELD $Ref:=@Unavailable;

        FIELD Categories:=@Middle(Subject;"{";"}");

        SELECT @All

        I'm getting rid of the $Ref field as sometimes I'll forward a mail reply from someone not involved in the

        discussion DB and obviously the discussion DB usually won't have the referenced document. The other

        feature that would be nice is for users to be able to tag an email message that they send to the DB with

        some tags - in the above agent it looks out for curly braces and auto tags the mail - would be nice if it

        could support multiple tags. The problem I have is if I forward 2 related email replies to the discussion

        DB, I've got rid of the $Ref field and they wont be threaded as they should be using my agent - but if

        someone could figure out how to do this then great.

        I love the discussion DB - great when you can't afford the like of Quickr licenses!