• Preferences

    By Fero Kossuth 4 years ago

    Hi, I like the project.

    I have a sugestion to make it more flexible:

    • add panel to client preferences dialog
    • notes.ini setting should be configurable through UI
    • I would like to choose what layout to use (different exes of DOT project)
    • some “tweaks” to diagram are welcome (for example, highlight libraries inherited from template, or exact call hierarchy)*

    Also, I do not like the fact the diagram is stored as page. Should be an option if you need it, but I would prefer to open “dummy” window in IDE with diagram in it, or launch of temporary (windows temp dir) PDF file.

    • Example: library A uses library B, library B uses library C. In library A there can be a call to method defined in library C, so arrow (of different shape/color) should point from A to C.
    • By Andrew Magerman 4 years ago

      Hi Fero.

      My first feedback! Cool.

      add panel: don't know what you want

      notes.ini setting: I agree.

      layout: not sure what you mean. Top-Down? Right-left?

      diagram as page: I felt it was useful to have the documentation within the database itself. I'll think of the option of displaying the result in a separate eclipse window. To be frank it all depends on my eclipse rcp skilz, which I am currently learning. (Steep curve btw)

      Regarding your example, that would mean changing the internal logic. At the moment I'm determining the relationship based on the 'Use' keyword. What you suggest would mean a lot more work, i.e. a function dependency chart. I tried that, and the diagrams become saturated with information and unreadable pretty quickly. Libraries coming from another database are already highlited (they are displayed in a separate box)

      My immediate next step is getting the selection to be hidden when in the client, but I haven't quite worked out how to do that right now.