• Case sensitivity

    By Martin Pradny 3 years ago

    Really nice project. Helped me a lot. I just had small issue, since LotusScript is not case sensitive and allows Use “MyLib” even when library is named MYLIB. The tool missed that.

    Fix is easy, just make allDesignElements case insensitive
    private Map allDesignElements = new TreeMap(String.CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER);

    When I installed updated version menu didn't work as source contains check that wasn't part of release version. I just removed it and everything is fine now. Thanks

    Should I create a pull request for that? :)

    • By Martin Pradny 3 years ago

      Another tweak - remove comments

      public final void parsedeclarations() {

      declarations=declarations.replaceAll("(?is)%REM.*%END REM", "");

      declarations=declarations.replaceAll(“'.*“, ““);

      Current version lists even connections that are commented out

    • By Andrew Magerman 3 years ago

      Wow, my first feedback! I'm so happy. I'd love to do the pull request thingy, since I've never actually done one of them on a project of mine!