• This project looks very promising

    By Fredrik Norling 6 years ago

    If this could be adapted for XPages so you could see
    what XPages has dependencies to what custom controls, Javascript libraries UI, SSJS, Stylesheets, forms and view WOOW

    • By Andrew Magerman 6 years ago

      Hi Fredrik,

      Thanks for the feedback. That's indeed a long-term goal of mine. I decided to release this version because I just wanted to start shipping and getting feedback. The project has been half-done on my desk for more than a year now, so I decided to just ship something that works, even if I know there are rough edges to it.

      I have an idea of selecting a design element, and then having a diagram showing of all elements depending on the previously selected design element.

      It'll mean a change in the way I parse the database design, though. But a nice challenge!

      • By Eric Tomenga 4 years ago

        I 2nd Fredrik's comment. I must have missed your project last year. It is an idea I thought would be useful because i am running into the same issues many of us had. Documentation woes. We still have LS code but they are being converted over to Xpages now. I will be downloading your project and taking a look. Thank you for the effort you put in and I look forward to seeing more.