• Select multiple databases for Notes to Notes - Config

    By Olli Kämäräinen 1 decade ago

    We have many databases that share same design template. Every database have their own user group. We collect data from all db's to single 'master' db for reporting etc.

    Now i'm copy-pasting config document for every db and that's little bit boring job. And changing all of them is just pain.. :)


    One extra field for additional databases that use exactly same configuration.

    • Powerful feature

      By David Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

      Hi Olli,

      I can see how that can be useful. It will make managing the consolidating process easier. I'd like to keep the interface and the code as simple as possible. Let me think about this feature and how it can be implemented without complicating the form. As you mentioned we only need to store the location of the additional dbs, everything else remains the same.

      Please keep sending through features requests & bug fixes.

      Thanks & Regards