• Support for subforms

    By Stefan Lüben 1 decade ago


    I've just tried out DMA and found out, that a function is missing. Our adress-database has subforms for the person's document. In the configurations document of DMA the fields of the subform are not displayed. I've no idea if it's possible to display the additional fields of the subform into the dialogue of the data moving animal.



    • Work-around and long-term solution

      By David Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

      Hi Stefan,

      I have struggled with this same issue many times and have thought about ways I can implement this feature. The simple work-around is to use the Advanced Tab \ "Data to Move" and just type in the name of the name of the field.

      I'll think about how I can implement perhaps a button that will get a single document of the selected form and grab the field list from this. This would get fields from any subform. I'll have to test it out with performance. I'm still finalising the next release which is primarily bug fixes along with a better error handling routine.

      Kind Regards


      • Undocumented LS-command can help ?

        By Norbert Goeth 1 decade ago

        Perhaps the Following can help (found at http://lotus-blogs.blogspot.com/2009/01/interesting-and-undocumented-formulas.html):

        flds = db.GetFields(False)

        I think, that this will has the field index as return value. OK - that is not perfect (because you can decide, that the fields of a subform are not included to the field index), but I think that there cannot be a perfect solution which fits all needs.

        Undocumented LotusScript


        Dim s As New NotesSession

        Dim db As NotesDatabase

        Set db = s.CurrentDatabase

        If (db Is Nothing) Then

        Exit Sub

        End If

        Dim flds As Variant, x As Integer, fldList As String

        flds = db.GetFields(False)

        For x = 0 To Ubound(flds)

        fldList = fldList + flds(x) + Chr(13)

        Next x

        Msgbox fldList, 0, db.Title + " fields"

        • Very interesting

          By David Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

          Hi Goeth,

          That is really interesting! I tried it and it worked! (db.GetFields(False)) Only unfortunate thing is that it gets fields from all forms. As you said it's not perfect but may be helpful. What I'm now investigating is having an option to get a sample set of documents for a particular form and read the fields from the documents. The document would have all fields from subforms that it used. I wish I could spend more time on getting out the next release of the Data Moving Animal but I can only work on this in my spare time on the weekend.

          Thanks again for finding this. Some of the other undocumented features looked very interesting too. I really appreciate information that can help overcome some of the limitations of the Data Moving Animal.