• Add Fields to Modify when copying entire documents via formula

    By Seppo M Ahlstedt 1 decade ago

    Thanks for a great product. I am using a selection formula to copy entire documents. Under "Data to Push" the comment is to ignore the "Fields to Modify" tab. However we would like to add/modify a field for each document copied. For example, add a new field called ProcessedDate with formula @Today. The tab does allow this to be set up, but does not work. Thank you.

    • This will be possible in two weeks

      By David Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

      Hi Seppo,

      On the 17th November I will release the next version of the Data Moving Animal. It will enable you to run formulas when you copy documents. This has been something that I have found very frustrating in the past so I will be glad to use this too.

      Thank you for your feedback. Sounds like you are doing some powerful things with the Data Moving Animal.

      Kind Regards