• The UNID of the Source document should be transported to the target

    By Norbert Goeth 1 decade ago

    Dear Mr Jeyachandrian,

    we want to create a "Developer catalog", which is a copy of the original acumulated database-catlog of our domain(s) with a lot of exclusions (mail-files etc.). For updating the easiest relational field would be the UNID of the sourcedocument, perhaps enriched by the source-database (server, filepath) and/or source replica ID.

    What I want to say: You must keep in mind, that the user of Data Moving Animal typically has ALL rights on the target, but NO rights on the source. So we must be able to enrich the target documents by unique identifiers to their source - and the named parts above would do this.

    In the actual version all formulas at creation or updating are working only on the target documents. At this time they already have lost their original source relation.

    Thanks in advance

    Norbert Goeth

    Mail-address: Firstname dot Lastname at evonik dot com

    • Running formulas on the Source database

      By David Jeyachandran 1 decade ago

      Dear Mr Goeth,

      The next release of the Data Moving Animal will implement a significant change. It will allow you to run formulas on the Source database. For example you could run the formula @DocumentUniqueID and write the results to your target document to a field called SourceDocID. This is changing some of the core DMA code so I will need to do a lot of testing. The testing should be completed in the next two months for a release in July.



      • When will it be available

        By Carsten Braun 10 years ago

        Hi David,

        when will this function be available? Thx for the great tool!



        • I can email you the new code

          By David Jeyachandran 10 years ago

          Hi Carsten,

          The function was written quite a while back run everyday in our production environment. There were some issues that were flagged in this forum and I didn't have time to address. These affected functions that our company is not using.  I'm happy to email you the version that I'm using that you can test.

          Please use the "EMail Project Owners" and include your email address and I can email you directly.