• Query by Form: not all fields selectable in QueryBuilder?

    By Lothar Mueller 3 months ago

    just got this up and running on our dev server.
    Created GQFCatalog for 3 dbs like names.nsf, node-demo.nsf (standard demo db included in the appDevPack) and one of my own playground dbs.
    Queries are easily built or any of those 3 dbs when running against one of the views.
    If I try to build a query against a form however I cannot select any field from my custom db's forms.

    I tried with names.nsf and node-demo.nsf, and here I had no problems at all: all fields from the person or Caontacts forms seem to be available.
    Examined the form element of my custom db but cannot find any flaw. Also updated GQFCatalog several times.
    Also checked the NSF itself, it's ODS 52.

    Any idea what could be causing this?

    • By Lothar Mueller 3 months ago

      Update on my own post:
      problem occurs for forms whose alias name differs from the “display” name (difference of course is case-sensitive!)
      In my case I tried to query a Form “Auto | car”.
      If I rename the form to “Auto | Auto” (or better “car | car”) the query builder finds all fields…