• Cannot connect to port 9090

    By Oliver Busse 4 years ago

    A colleague tries to get this running on a test environment. Sametime is running with default settings (i.e. ports etc.). After the task is installed the server starts up and logs the following error:

    06/May/15, 14:10:21 Info: Initialisating…
    06/May/15, 14:10:21 Error: Connection error: - connect() failed: errno = 10049
    06/May/15, 14:10:21 Info: Initialisation complete
    netstat -a shows that port 9090 on localhost is used by the app “wpcmail:0”, listening mode.
    I am not a Sametime expert but it looks like everything is working fine.
    Also creating a connection document to the server itself (on localhost, did not solve the problem.
    Any ideas here?

    • By Dominic Porter 4 years ago

      Hi Oliver,

      For the All-in-One setup both the Sametime server and the DOTS plugin need to be configured to use which needs both a chatlogging.ini and a notes.ini entry



      Restart both sametime and the Chatstore plugin.

      From the Domino console you can check the plugin with:

      Tell DOTS chatstore status

      which will return:
      [1490:000A-064C] 06/05/2015 17:43:06 DOTS Version 1.0
      [1490:000A-064C] 06/05/2015 17:43:06 DOTS Running…
      [1490:000A-064C] 06/05/2015 17:43:06 DOTS Port: 9090
      [1490:000A-064C] 06/05/2015 17:43:06 DOTS IP:
      [1490:000A-064C] 06/05/2015 17:43:06 DOTS Open session count: 0

      This shows what port and IP (if configured) the plugin is listening on.

      Let me know if this does not help.

      • By Oliver Busse 4 years ago

        Is this a type here or on the documentation?
        The prefix in the chatlogging.ini should be “CL” as the prefix in the notes.ini is defined with “CS” - correct?

        • By Dominic Porter 4 years ago

          Whoops, it's a typo here.

          You are correct it should be:


          notes.ini CS_SERVER_IP=