• Notes 9 mail merge on Mac, Linux, Windows

    By Joel Michaels 3 years ago

    Well, it's been 10 years since the last
    release, so I wanted to propose an alternate solution for those of you
    eagerly awaiting mail merge support with IBM Notes 9 running on Windows,
    Mac OS X and Linux.

    You must download the tool below to support IBM Notes 9 running on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can send mail merges using data sources including Excel, Notes Contacts (Personal Address Book) and other Notes apps. The tool is a third-party software which is a Notes DB app. It supports Notes (Standard) and Notes (Basic) running on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use the Lite (free) version, but for full features you need to purchase a license.

    **Importing Excel:** you can use the *Import Excel**button if you

    are using Windows. Otherwise, If you are using IBM Notes on Mac
    or Linux you can import Excel if you first save it as a CSV file, then
    use the Import CSV (Comma Delimited) button in the app.

    Video: Mail merge Excel to IBM Notes email message

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