• support for Notes 6.5.x

    By Ivan Fedorov 10 years ago

    Requirements for clenotes 4 include Notes 8. I wonder whether clenotes will work with an old version of Notes, specifically 6.5? If not, is there an older version of clenotes that one could use?

    Thank you!

    • Older Notes

      By Sami Salkosuo 10 years ago

      It may work or it may not...

      To be specific, I have used methods that were introduced in Notes but only in couple of places.

      So please try it with Notes 6.5 and if you get errors let me know. I should be able to include support for older Notes if I'd know what kind of errors you get.

      Unfortunately, older version is no longer available.

      • seems to work just fine

        By Ivan Fedorov 10 years ago

        Hi! I tried the current version of clenotes with Notes 6.5, and reading, sending with encryption and signature worked just fine.


        Great job!