• Multiple attachments

    By Ajith C 7 years ago

    In Linux, I could create a wrapper script clenotes.sh and get the script working. Thanks for the cool solution. It helps a lot in email automation.

    Documentation says –attach=ARG Command separated list of files to be attached.

    Is it Command or Comma? Source code is clearly using comma. But following syntax does not attach mulitple files, only first file is attached.


    What could be the correct usage?

    If I am using comma in subject, body or signature arguments, only string before command are used, rest get ignored.

    • By Ajith C 7 years ago

      There is a typo in my above posting, I used a comma between the values, but result is same

    • By Sami Salkosuo 7 years ago

      Thanks for letting me know.
      I fixed those bugs and released v5.0.7. It should work now… :-)

      • By Ajith C 7 years ago

        Thank you for the quick update, I could test it is working fine now. Comm handling for subject, body and attachments are working as expected. Good work :)