• Harmeless error?

    By Alan Jacobs1 4 years ago

    Everytime I run a clenotes command I get the following error message before the expected data is returned. It doesn't seem to stop anything from working but I'm wondering what the cause is?

    CLEnotes –password=xxxx whatever
    CLE header section

    [1610:0002-1510] 03/01/2017 18:37:54 Error in SECKFMDefaultPromptHandler: func=18: Unknown

    Versions are:
    Notes = R 9.0.1FP7 Windows/32
    CLE = 5.2.2 ( and 5.0.6 and 5.2.1 )
    Java = 1.7.0

    • By Alan Jacobs1 4 years ago

      Sorry, the error should have read “Unknown security function code.”

    • By Sami Salkosuo 4 years ago

      I had that same problem when I updated to Notes 9.0.1 (https://openntf.org/main.nsf/project.xsp?r=project/Command%20Line%20EMail%20Client/discussions/E691090F95806F2186257D2400433239).

      But the message disappeared. I don't know what is the cause of this but my guesses are that it's related to some strange mix of versions of Windows, Java and/or Notes or some way how Notes internally handles Java calls.

      • By Alan Jacobs1 4 years ago

        Thanks. As I said its not causing a problem so I will just wish it away. lol