• HTML Signature handling

    By Alex Cosby 10 years ago

    When using --file-signature option to attach HTML signatures, the HTML is displayed rather than the page.  The same is true of images, it shows the code, but not the image.

    • HTML signatures using --html option

      By Sami Salkosuo 10 years ago

      Could you give a more detailed use case what you have? What is the command you are using to include images?

      HTML signature files can attached using --html option that creates Rich Text email body. Using --attach option adds images to mail and you don't need to use --html option when using that.

      For example, following command sends mail with HTML signature and attached images.

      CLENotes --password=password send --to=recipient@email.com--subject=testing --body="html sig" --file-signature=signature.html --attach=adobe.jpg --html


      By the way, inline image probably don't work.